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Searching the web you will find a a lot of ways to create your very own website. We have experimented with many of them and have some suggestions. Remember that is always idea to be able to have your own domain, and not a affiliate domain name. Google has stated that they intend to start de-listing affiliate sites. An affiliate site is something like while your name is in the domain name, you do not own it and it is very difficult to listed in the search engines. If you are just starting out, I would recommend getting a free blog, at one of many sites such as, and then start creating your name there. Post to it weekly around your passions. It is very easy to create different looks, and you can even incorporate Googles Adsense into the mix.

Are you and your family looking for a nice piece of property? How about a piece of land that sits on the waterfront? In the Heart of Dixie, in the great state of Alabama, that dream waterfront property does exist. It’s called Lewis Smith Lake and the person you will want to talk to is Justin Dyar. When you contact Mr. Dyar online, about this Smith Lake in Alabama, he will be able to assist you on all the information you need. He can also assist others, who seek real estate in Walker County. It doesn’t matter which real estate company in Alabama owns the Walker County Real Estate. Justin is a part of the MLS (multiple listing service) and this allows him to help anyone seeking to buy land in Walker County. He is licensed in Alabama and in Florida too.


It appears the Apple Company is gearing up for a big sale, coming up later this month. This is when they plan to unleash their new iPhone 5 to the public. The buzz going around right now, says that folks will be waking up early and getting in line at electronic stores, just so they can be the first ones to own this hot, new Apple 5 iPhone. I haven’t seen any pictures of it, so I’m not sure what it looks like yet. I just know a lot of people are eagerly waiting for it to go on sale in their local areas. It’s already been estimated, that 10 million new Apple Phones could fly off the shelf on the first day or within 24 hours of its release.

I don’t even have a cell phone. Well I do own one, but at the moment I don’t have any service hooked up to it. To me, I think a cell phone should only be for emergency uses. Something good to have in your car or if you plan to go hiking through some dense forest or spend a little time with Mother Nature. Today’s cell phones have all kinds of gadgets and features. I’m sure the new Apple iPhone 5 will be loaded down to the gill. I imagine it will come with the Internet, a few high tech video games, a camera feature, a live video recorder, and the ability to text out messages. Since most cell phone users don’t even use their high tech phones to talk on anymore. The majority of cordless phone users today, will just text their friends and family. You would think that would take longer to do, but some of these phone users are really fast. There is even contests, in which folks can enter, to see which one has the fastest texting – fingers on their cell phones. I’m just happy that I can type on a desktop computer keyboard. I don’t think I will ever get the hang of it; when it comes to typing or “texting” on a cellular phone.

I remember when I was younger, I was like the typical 10 or 12 year old kid. I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but never did get any lessons. Seems like most boys at that age will choose the 6 string instrument or if they have a big house or a garage, would get the opportunity to learn the drums. Did you ever want to play the guitar or drums?

For girls, it was a little different. It always seemed like their musical lessons would involve a instrument you blew in. If not that, then it was a safe bet, they would turn out to be a piano player. Also with girls, regardless of the musical instrument, it always seemed like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was the first song they would all learn how to play first.

Now back then we didn’t have computers like we do today. In some ways it can be a lot easier, learning how to play an instrument over the World Wide Web. Just a wealth of information at your fingertips and anything you forget, you have it in writing and can go back and review it. Imagine how this new technology allows us to play musical instruments, we never even dreamed about in the past. The girls could go straight into the electric guitar lessons; while the guys would be able to take violin lessons at home. How cool is that?

Do you have any interest in a musical instrument? If you’re serious and ready to jump in and would like to learn a new instrument online, there are some simple ways on how you can do it. Learning how to play the violin, could be done with ordering some DVD Lessons online. Sit back and relax with your violin teacher Mrs. Seidel as she begins to teach you the beauty of this string instrument. Students will be given a 5 step method to get them on their way, to playing a better violin. Just check out the website online and there you will be given a lot more information. See how they break down these popular DVD lessons, when it comes to comparing it with private lessons for the violin. You will quickly see how modern technology is making our lives easier and much more affordable than it use to be. Learning how to play the violin in the “old days” was not a cheap musical choice. Lucky for music fans, that has all changed now and violin lessons are much more affordable in 2012! Go check it out and be sure to come back here and let me know what you thought. Good luck and have fun with it!

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Contest Factory: Pimp My Cube Contest

A great new contest is now underway. It started on December 5th and will not end until the last day of January 2012 (Jan 31st @ Noon Time). So you still have time to enter, if you think you have a really bad office space at work. No joke! You could actually win a super office space or a whole new cubicle or cubby hole space, if you can convince others of just how bad you have it at work.

This is the Pimp My Cube Contest from the guys at the Contest Factory. To enter this awesome new contest, you must first create a video of your situation at work. Get out the camcorder or a video recorder and show us the lousy conditions you have right now. Be sure to speak loud and as clear and plain as possible, when you walk us through your horrible conditions.

You may talk about the old computer, fax machine, phone system, type writer, or any other tech gadgets you have, which are out-of-date. Would a technology upgrade help you? Maybe you work in a distant corner and have no lights over your desk or cubicle space. If it is too dark, perhaps this Pimp My Cube at Work Contest could help to lighten things up a bit? It will be up to you, to convince others online and the contest judges of your poor working conditions. Perhaps your desk is just a mess and nothing is organized properly. To get things clean, organized, and up-to-date, it will just take 1 video and some help from your friends, family, and co-workers and you could be the grand prize winner!

Once your video is uploaded and you have entered your name into the Pimping Cube Contest, you can do a few things extra, to help your chances in winning this great contest. Get all your friends, family, and those folks you work with everyday, to come online and vote for your video. The video with the most online votes, will have a real good chance at winning this contest. The judges from the Contest Factory will also look at your video and see how well you did, in presenting your case to the online viewers. They want the “worse” office space or cubicle to win. It is up to you, to show just how bad things really are for you at work each day. You can demonstrate this, by showing us visually with your video and talking us through each portion of your presentation. Be sure to do a good job with it, but also have some fun with it. Your sad story needs to be funny to others and I think comedy will help to secure some extra online votes; from the strangers who might see your video on the Internet.

Do you think you understand it now? If not, go back and reread this blog post again. Or just go to the Contest Factory’s Contest Page and read the official rules your self. It will take votes and getting the judges to like it (or feel sorry for you), to capture the grand prize. Also, a nice 2nd place prize will be given randomly to a contest entrant. This will be a $200 gift card for one lucky person, who gets their name chosen randomly from a drawing. This 2nd place drawing will take place after the Pimp My Cube Contest has officially ended. So go grab the recorder and start working on your video entry. Get your friends, neighbors, co-workers, online contacts, and anyone else you know, to help your chances with the online votes. Be creative and most of all, be sure to have a lot of fun with it! Good Luck!!!

You may not know this, but Santa likes to shop online too. He gets tired of walking the long distances at the mall and having to wait in long lines to checkout. If you think you have a hard time finding a parking space, imagine trying to park 8 reindeer and a sleigh. Since the invention of the World Wide Web, now Santa can sit back at the North Pole, while sipping on his hot chocolate, and do all of his shopping online. For him, he doesn’t mind the expensive rates for shipping and handling charges to the North Pole. Lucky for us, it is really cheap to get our packages deliver to us at home. In some cases, there is minimum amounts and specials offers we can get and our shipping charges are 100% FREE!

For those that plan to shop online this year for the holidays. Be sure to compare prices before you actually buy. If you don’t have time or find yourself in a hurry, I can tell you the cheapest two places I have found. Just go to or and you will find the lowest prices. I love both of these online retailers and they really do have the lowest prices. I have did lots of price comparisons and tried to look for sites that had a lot of products in stock. No other websites online, can offer you as many products in stock, as these two online retailers can. Amazon and are by far, the two largest shopping sites online today. Not only are they super big, but they also price their items at the lowest prices too. Cheap prices is what we all want and whatever it is you’re shopping for this year, you can bet one of these online stores will have it for sale. Have fun shopping and be sure to come back here and share any shopping tips you might have. I am always looking for new ways to save a buck! Happy Holidays everyone and don’t forget the after Christmas sales and After Holiday Specials; once December 25th has passed us by.

College football has wrapped up their regular season games. Some teams who failed to win 6 games this year, will not be playing anymore games this year. It is over for these teams and their fans, players, coaches, and everyone else involved with the team. For the rest of the winning teams out there, they will get to play in a college bowl game. It is the most exciting time of year and we don’t mean the Christmas holidays either.

What college football teams or bowl games do you look forward to watching the most? For me, I really can’t wait to see Michigan State and Georgia play. The Bulldogs have a super talented team of freshmen and they are a fun team to watch. In fact, the Georgia Bulldogs was number 1 in the country, when it came to the top recruits that committed to them last January. They have already had some big names around Georgia and the Country to commit to them this year. There are a lot more big names out there, that are expected to sign with the Georgia Bulldogs in late January or sometime in the new 2012 year. Michigan State was disappointed they did not get higher up in the final standings. I think the Georgia Bulldog fans feel the same way. Here is my prediction for the Georgia Bulldogs and Michigan State Spartans Bowl Game this year:

Michigan State Spartans – 9

Georgia Bulldogs – 44

Another game or actually team I want to see play is the Stanford Cardinal college football team. I think Andrew Luck is over rated and will never be a good NFL quarterback. I really feel sorry for any NFL Team that jumps up in the draft and takes this guy in the 1st round. I don’t think no team should take him in the first round of the NFL draft this year. The 2012 NFL draft and the 2013 NFL draft will be loaded with good quarterbacks. I hope the pro teams see this and pass on Mr. Luck from Stanford. He has faced no competition this year and the few times he did face a winning team, he showed no signs of being able to lead his team to victory. He didn’t win the Heisman Trophy and he won’t win any NFL games in his rookie year! Should be interesting to see what the excuses are this year, when he struggles in his college bowl game.

What bowl games do you want to watch this year? Is there a team or a certain bowl game you put above all the rest? I think the BCS Championship Game is fine. They did get the two best teams this year. Really they should pick 2 SEC Teams every year for this game. Since the SEC is clearly the best conference in football. Only the ACC is close to the SEC Teams and everyone else is way behind the curve.

Congratulations to the LSU Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide for their championship game appearance. And congrats to both of these teams, for showing the Country, that the best college football is played in the South. It should be a fun bowl year this year and I look forward to the B.C.S. Title Game; when the S.E.C. College Teams can all celebrate and show the whole nation where the best college football is played!

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Top of the Line in Ink Pens

Photos of Parker Pen

How often do we see a nice, stylish pen with all the great modern looks, but the darn thing won’t even write? Or at least write as well as the cheap pens you normally buy. Here is a great looking pen, which will write as smooth and clear as any ink pen you have ever used. Does that sound like a pen for you? I know I have to write with pens a lot. I also have to change around a lot, since most of my pens wear out or just can’t keep up for very long.

The Parker Ingenuity collection of ink pens is what I want Santa to bring me this year. Pens that work and can keep up with my fast hand-writing skills. These classy pens even come with their own technology, if you can believe that. It’s true! They like to refer to this new tech as 5th Technology. Consumers will get Fifth Technology refills and all the benefits; which come from a magical pen like these in the P.I. Collection.

Short Pen Video (please watch)

These beautiful pens with all the great technology have to be the best pens on the planet. Pens that look this great and combine all the best features of the other ink pens out there. You will get the smooth writing results, like you do from the roller ball pens; which I do like very much. Parker also provides beauty of a fountain pen, while making sure it is as easy-to-use, as a standard ball point pen is to use. I want one of these pens, how about you? What if you had the chance to win a modern and classy-looking pen like this? Would you take the time to try and win it? If so, which part of the pen excites you the most? Is it the great looks or the fact it will write with the greatest of ease and keep the ink lines smooth, without any gaps in your letters or numbers.

Parker Ingenuity Pen with a Stylish Pen Case

Please be sure to reply back to me on my blog post here, so I can read your thoughts about using an ink pen. Do you have trouble finding a good ink pen? Did you use to have a pen that would write really well, it got lost, and writing has never been the same since then? These guys also have their name on some social network sites. If you do plan to go out and  find Parker on Facebook , be sure to go ahead and “like” them on their page. This will help your contacts out, if any of them desire a high class pen, that actually does write!

Please don’t forget the holidays! If you have a business-minded man or woman living at your house or perhaps this describes a co-worker of yours; then a Parker Ink Pen would make a great Christmas gift. If I get this as a Christmas gift,, I would be using it. Some folks may want to just keep it on their desk, for the fashionable side of these wonderful looking pens. Happy and safe holidays to all and be sure to have a great New Year as well!

Is it really true? The United States of America is preparing for a real life zombie attack? They believe it so much, that the CDC in Atlanta is preparing our defense plan? While it sounds like something from a top zombie horror movie or a fictional science fiction story, there is some truth to it.

The C.D.C. or Centers for Disease Control is making an emergency plan for zombies. Even giving us tips, on how to make or pack up our own personal zombie kits at home. I wrote a more detail account of this fascinating zombie story on my Connect Six Blog online. It looks like the CDC in Georgia, is trying to make more of a point, than the fact they actually believe in zombies. It appears if we make emergency kits our self or buy emergency kits online, we could prepare our self for any emergency. The zombie is a good example of a “worse case scenario”, so if a person plans well enough to fend off flesh-eating zombies, then they could handle anything.

What is a zombie? Basically the TV and Hollywood has taught us about zombies. While zombie movies date way back to the 30’s and 40’s; most give credit to a more modern zombie movie, as the one that really woke us all up.

The Night of the Living Dead from George Romero is what most of us consider the first zombie movie. This movie today, does have a large cult following. It was released back in 1968; which was a few years before my birthday, so don’t blame me for the zombie hype. Zombie movies were around before I was. If you look around online, you can watch for free, the 1932 movie White Zombie. While this classic movie may be given credit for the first zombie movie and the 1968 classic feature is considered the best zombie movie of all time, there are some with more recent dates attach to them. In fact. we have seen the zombie movies explode in the last decade. More zombie flicks have been made in the last 10 years; than all the zombie movies ever made!

So what is your thoughts about the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia preparing us for zombie attacks? A zombie is someone who dies, but then awakens, and their only goal is to eat you. They have a craving for human flesh (that is living), so if you are alive, they will sniff you out. To get rid of them, be sure to aim for the head. No silver bullets needed. Just a good slug to the brain or chop their head off and this will stop your zombie attacker. Please let me know, if you would like any more tips on zombie attacks. I’m sure with the help of Blogger Chris and the Centers for Disease Control in Georgia, everyone can rest easier at night!

What is your favorite TV program right now? It wouldn’t happen to be The Walking Dead would it? The Walking Dead is a very popular show on AMC. If you have not seen it yet, then try to set the DVR to record The Walking Dead on AMC. It is a good television show to watch. It doesn’t matter if you like zombies or not. Zombie fans will love this show and everyone else will love it too! Check it out and let me know what ya think. Thanks!

The Best NCAA Football Player in 2011

Was there ever any doubts? Well maybe. Since Stanford and the weak Pac 12 started with their big hype and big money sponsors and boosters, they were trying to give Andrew Luck the Heisman Trophy in the summer of 2011. Luck is not going to be a super star NFL quarterback. Once a coach has to come out and defend his player and tell the country he is really a good football player, you know there is some problems there. Andrew Luck may go number 1, but he will never be anything on Sundays. My guess is, we are looking at the next Matt Leinert. Your coach won’t have to defend you, if you go out and play like a superstar every game or at least every other game. Mr. Luck from the land of the Cardinal in California, has manage to choke against average competition, from the 1 or 2 teams he saw this year in the NCAA Men’s Football League. He gets one more shot to prove his self in the 2011 Orange Bowl. He will have to face a tough ACC Men’s team and not a boy’s team from the Pac 12. Kirk Herbstreet and Lee Corso feel like the ACC is a weak NCAA football division. Just wait fellers. I can already see it. Luck not impressive against the Virginia Tech Hokies, but head coach still convinced he is the best player and quarterback in college football.

I took a non-bias vote in the Heisman Trophy Award for 2011. The best football player I saw playing on Saturdays, was the QB from Baylor. Robert Griffin III is the type of player, a coach or an NFL GM will want to build their team around. We seen guys like Randall Cunningham, Vince Young, and Michael Vick  do their thing on Sundays in the NFL. I think Griffin is more willing to be a true quarterback and will have similar success as these guys. Also, Cam Newton from Auburn is a one man show in Carolina. What NFL franchise would pass on Cam Newton now? Robert Griffin from Baylor is not as big or physical as Cam Newton is, but can make up for that, with his 4.3 speed on the field. He can run just fast enough, to be a everyday QB in the National Football League.

The second best player in the country is a close one. I still like Trent Richardson from Alabama in the number 2 hole, with the LSU Tigers secondary player going 3rd on the list. All 3 guys, Tyrann Mathieu, Trent Richardson, and the 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner, will be solid players for their NFL Teams in the coming years. And without a doubt, all 3 are better than Andrew Luck. Just think of “Leniert” each time you hear the name “Andrew Luck” and you will avoid this Pac 12 QB like the plague. Just watch the Hokies (college football team) take down and knock around this “NFL QB“.

What began as a few crazy videos over at YouTube, has quickly became a popular fad for these two advertising geniuses. Their names are Rhett and Link and many who go to You Tube a lot will know their names. Both of these guys have been teaming up to make some crazy videos online. They even begin to get real customers in the California area and would make small business commercials for them. Rhett and Link have a lot of creative ideas and their commercial videos became an instant hit over at YouTube.

In fact, these two guys did so well with online advertising, they have made the big jump up to television. They are still producing their advertising videos the same, with one big exception. And that would be, that they are now on television! The IFC TV Channel or Independent Film Channel has picked up Rhett and Link and has given these two marketing guys a 30 minute spot each week. Every Friday night, you can watch Rhett and Link make their advertising commercials for real clients they find. Customers will hire Rhet and Link to do a video ad for them. They come up with all kinds of wild and crazy ideas, but at the end of the day, it has a way of all working out. Their 30 minute television show on IFC, shows both men meeting the customer and going over a few basic things with them. So the two commercial kings of advertising, can get an idea, on what their customer wants for their business. Once Rhett and Link come up with a plan, they quickly move into action and begin producing their TV commercial for their advertising customers. The TV show allows viewers at home to see their commercial-making process, as they go through the steps. Finally at the end of every television epidsode of Rhett & Link, the folks tuning in get to see the full length video, being shown from a laptop computer. The viewers at home get a chance to watch the finished product, as the small business owner gets to see their own TV commercial for the first time. It’s fun to watch these unique commercials and to see the happy faces of their advertising clients; when they show them the final versions of these remarkable TV commercials.

You can look online and find advertising information for Rhett and Link TV Commercials or search for their work over at YouTube. Also, tune-in to the IFC channel on your satellite or cable TV and you can watch the newest episodes every Friday night. IFC will usually re-air the Rhett and Link TV Show a few times through the week. So if you ever miss the show on Friday nights, you can watch replays; which will come on several times during the weekend and even the weekdays too. Rhet and Link Commercial Kings is probably one of my top 3 television shows to be watching on TV right now. Please let me know what you think about these two guys and how they go about producing these TV ads and online videos for their customers. I believe it’s a smart way to advertise for any small business. I do view these guys as very smart, but I could also understand, if someone was to classify them as a couple of clowns, in the advertising world. What do you think?

For those who are lucky enough to watch daytime television, when most people are at work, has probably seen Doctor Lisa Masterson on The Drs television show. It comes on every weekday morning and they really offer a lot of good health tips and some great eating tips on their 1 hour doctors medical TV show each day. Dr Lisa is only one of the 4 doctors who make up the panel. The other doctors include Dr. Travis Stork from the bachelor, Dr. Jim Sears the kids doctor, and the famous plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon. These 3 doctors team up with the doctor for pregnant women; which is Doctor Masterson and she is the only female doc on the show.

Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir is the name of the newest book and fans of the Doctors can now order Dr. Lisa’s book online. It is available at Amazon Books; for those who would like to order a copy. This book, a Paper Dollhouse is not really a medical book. It is actually the life story, of one of America’s favorite women doctors. She isn’t only a lady doctor, but she is also a black doctor. Her book will talk about a little girl struggling to grow up and how much of a fantasy it would seem, for a poor black girl, to ever become a doctor. We all know how the story ends for Doctor Lisa Masterson, but how does the story begin? A lot of us don’t know anything about her. Once we read her latest book, we will have a better understanding to the troubles and know all the fights she had along the way, for her dream to come true. I believe this will be a great story and I can’t wait to get my copy of her newest book release. The Dr TV Show has released books in the past. Most of these books are about medical situations and things we can do, to begin living a healthier life. As far as I know, this is the first book, for any of the four regular doctors, that have created a personal book. The name of Dr. Lisa’s new book is Paper Dollhouse: A Memoir. Please be sure to leave an online review, after you have read this newest book from the Doctors TV Program.



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Amazon is the best place to shop online. No other website can offer as many different products and for the low, low prices like Amazon does each day. You will not find another website online, that can beat Amazon in prices and the amount of choices they have to offer. Picking up a new Amazon book or a Christmas gift for a child, is really simple when you do your online shopping with Amazon. Still plenty of time to get your Amazon orders in for the gift cards and you will NOT have to pay for the fast 1 day shipping feature; which Amazon offers to its online customers. Merry Christmas!!!

Time to putgold coins in your portfolio. For anyone who is wanting to purchase gold, you can find the most reliable dealers online at the United States Gold Bureau. Their friendly staff and dedication to wanting to be the best dealer around, is what makes them a good service to call for buying or selling gold. I know I would like to have about 5 to 10 ounces of gold right now, I could just put back for a rainy day. If I ever get that much gold, I know it will be from my gold panning experiences in North Georgia. Otherwise, I will just have to keep saving and see if 5 ounces of gold can just collect, without spending it?